Pride and Prejudice - The STORY GRID edition - Annotated by SHAWN COYNE




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What It Takes

What It Takes

First Story Gridding Steps

By Shawn Coyne | Published: May 26, 2017

We’re story gridding The Tipping Point.

Why are we doing this again? (more…)

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What It Takes

What It Takes

Baseball, Bouncebacks, and Stealing Joy

By Callie Oettinger | Published: May 19, 2017

A baseball hit me in the face.

The short story:

I was at a baseball game when a player hit a ball, the ball hit a guardrail, and then the ball hit my face.

Every experience in life is spooled on a loop, so as the Camden Yards staff hovered to make sure an ice pack was all I needed, I wondered which loop I was existing in at that moment. Why did this happened? Of all the people at the game, why me? What had I missed? Why was I in that loop? Why not the loop of the happy family enjoying a sunny day and a game? Could I have made an adjustment that would have had me living a different loop when the ball was hit? (more…)

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What It Takes

What It Takes

Story Gridding The Tipping Point

By Shawn Coyne | Published: May 12, 2017

This is the fifth post in my Story Gridding Nonfiction series.  To read the first, click here.  To read the second, click here. To read the third, click here. And to read the fourth, click here.

We’ve been exploring Story Grid as it relates to nonfiction, specifically Big Idea Nonfiction.

For our case study, I’m going to reexamine Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.  Preparing this condensed series required me to go back to the extended work I did in 2015 and it’s definitely worth another look. The material will be familiar for veteran followers of

When I began analyzing The Tipping Point, I had a handle on the global Genre (The Big Idea Nonfiction Book) and a sense of the conventions and obligatory scenes inherent in it, but I didn’t have any idea of what the overarching “Story” of the book was.

Was there even an overarching Story in there?  Or was it just a really well argued extra long thesis paper that moved between ethos scenes, logos scenes and pathos scenes? (more…)

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